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Tall Pines Marina of Cameron Bay

Established in 2014, Tall Pines Marina is Lake of the Woods’ newest, and premiere marine facility. Built on an old logging site, Tall Pines sits nestled in significant green space, as well as alongside historical attributes like the original foundation wall of a sawmill dating back to 1885. The marina is a gateway to Lake of the Wood’s 14,522 islands, and 65,000 miles of pristine shoreline.

We know the importance of having fun, and that sharing time on the water is dependent on being good stewards of the lake and environment. It was our intention from the outset to create something that gave access to the lake while ensuring it stays clean for future generations.

Whether you’re geo-caching, fishing, camping, exploring, heading to the cottage, or surfing – Tall Pines on Lake of the Woods is the place to be! We are proud to operate as a Blue Flag Marina.

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History of Cameron Bay

Historically, Cameron Bay, near the North shore of Lake of the Woods, bustled with activity as loggers worked the booms supplying timber to the saw mill on the East side of the natural harbour.

Stone foundation from the Cameron & Kennedy Company saw mill established in 1884 by Douglas C. Cameron is all that remains on the site today – gently preserved for years to come.

The stone foundations and walls of the old sawmill buildings have been incorporated into aspects of the new development, and will be included in future phases, such as an outdoor patio. Old boom logs salvaged from the bay have been hewn into timbers for building construction.

Other buildings on the site will be constructed with respect to the existing pine tree stands which will remain in place to control shoreline erosion and retain the scenic view from the lake.

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Tall Pines Marina’s designation as a Blue Flag marina has been making the headlines:

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