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Pontoon Boat Rentals
Waverunner Rentals

Note: You must be 18 years of age and older, and have a valid Boater’s License for a minimum of two years

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Pontoon Boat

2024 Harris HCX23 Cruiser 230 with 150 HP Mercury

Includes approved life jackets, safety kit, full top, CD / Bluetooth compatible stereo, boarding ladder, table, GPS/Sonar unit and map.

  • Maximum occupancy 12 People
  • 1/2 Day (4 hours) N/A
  • Daily Rate $659.00*
  • “Weekend” – Friday (5PM) to Sunday (5PM) $1525.00*
  • Weekday / 5 Days $2966.00*

* Note – Fuel + Taxes NOT included. Boat starts with a full tank.

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Yamaha Waverunner

  • Hourly Rental $175.00*
  • Full Day $375.00*
  • “Weekend” – Friday (5PM) to Sunday (5PM) $625.00*
  • Weekday / 5 Days $1350.00*

* Note: Fuel Not Included

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Stand Up Paddle Board

SUP might be perfect if you are looking for:

  1. A great core body work-out
  2. Being on the water paddling in a safe central location
  3. Wanting to try before you buy

Tall Pines is the place for you!

  • Full Day $50*
  • “Weekend” – Friday (5PM) to Sunday (5PM) $625.00*
  • Weekday / 5 Days $125*

*Taxes not included

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone who rents a boat from us requires the following:

  • Valid driver’s license (photo ID)
  • Boat operator’s license card, for at least two years (all Cdn. residents)
  • Someone in your party must have a cell phone
  • Credit card for the damage deposit (Visa, MC)

Please connect with us by clicking here to fill out our application, email us or call: 807.468.5253

We currently have 2024 HARRIS HCX23 CRUISER 230 WITH 150 HP MERCURY As well as 4 PWC VX Series Yamaha Jet Ski’s. Our Pontoon series are rented on a Full Day, Weekend and Weekday rental period. The Jet-skis can be rented by the hour (min. 2 hour rental), ½ day, Full Day,Weekend and Weekday rates available.

Our pontoon rentals come with adequate CA approved life vests, safety kit, paddle, anchor, mooring lines and GPS system. Our PWC jet-ski’s come with life vests, mooring line and safety kit.

Unfortunately, Tall Pines Marina does not have any fishing boats available for rent at this time.

Full Day Rental: 8am-5pm

Half Day Rental: 8am-12pm or 1pm to 5pm

Weekend Rental: Friday at 5pm through Sunday at 5pm

*All boats must be returned to the dock, unloaded and cleared by the return time indicated on your rental agreement. Failure to do so will result in late charges of $1.00/minute after the return time.

Each member has 1 designated, assigned spot. For a cost of $35 +HST per plate, we can have a personalized name plate (we suggest using a last name) made for your assigned spot. This is a great way to help you and other patrons easily identify your parking spot. We offer this service for both boat slips and parking stalls.

About additional parking:

If you and your spouse or partner have two vehicles you want to bring to the Marina, you will need to find another place to park, or share a ride, etc. This is typical of parking in the Kenora area. Guest parking (for your spouse or for any guests) is available, but limited, so we recommend having a backup plan. Guest parking spots are unassigned, as we can’t take reservations or pre-bookings on our public-facing parking. Guest passes are available at the marina for overnight/weekend parking; however, time allotments on these passes are limited. Please inquire at the marina for specifics.

If and when our guest lot is full, the nearby Keewatin Arena (technically, the Bowman Electric Memorial Arena) and Kenora Arena (the Moncrief Memorial Rec Centre) offer additional public parking. The Keewatin Arena offers self-guided payment kiosks, and even has an app for pre-booking spots, which can be especially useful on busy holiday weekends. As for the rec centre in Kenora, please call them for more info and current rates at (807) 467-2087. They offer daily, overnight, monthly, and seasonal rates.

Our cancellation policy is 48-hour notice prior to the rental date without penalty. Your full deposit will be refunded to you. Cancellations under 48 hours advance notice will result in loss of deposit.

Exceptions will apply to unforeseen harsh weather conditions – heavy winds, thunder and lightning. We will do our best to accommodate re-scheduling if the driver of the boat is uncomfortable in weather conditions on the rental date.

There is no possible way to determine how much fuel that your boat will use, as many factors play into the fuel consumption, such as distance you travel, the speed you drive, number of persons in your party, wind resistance, etc. Tall Pine Marina only uses engines that are highly efficient and relatively inexpensive to operate.

The average amount of fuel used on the water with one of our PWC or Pontoons can be as little as $45 up to and over $200+ per day depending on what your lake adventure looks like. Example: *If you are cruising most of the day, your fuel will be significantly more.

**Harris Pontoon tank is 105 litres (28 gallon tank). Aproximate cost for fuel might be $150 to $200 roughly to fill based on so many different factors (speed, wt in boat, fuel cost).

**Fishing Motors: We do not have trolling motor / kicker motor options available with our pontoons.

Obviously, we don’t expect the boats to return in perfect cleanliness, however any boats that our staff deem to be muddy, dirty, or with garbage will be subject to additional cleaning fees which will be deducted from your damage deposit. The two most frequent issues on the boats are sand from beaches, and not rinsing mud and weeds from the anchors when retrieved. Both make a considerable mess.

Lake of the Woods is considerably large, with a variety of channels, reefs and rocks to navigate. The majority of the lake’s hazards are marked, however take caution and diligence to thoroughly understand the GPS and chart system. We urge all clients to ere on the side of caution when deciding to rent on Lake of the Woods since you are liable for any and all damage to the boat.

With this being said, there are a number of easy to access places, with direct routes on Lake of the Woods. It can be a wonderous place to adventure, and discover if you have the patience to navigate appropriately.

Yes, we do allow smaller dogs or service dogs on our boats. Naturally you are fully responsible for their behaviour and any damage they may cause. All dogs must be on leashes when they are on land. We do not however provide life jackets for dogs.

No, all the legally required safety equipment is included with your rental, including life vests to fit everyone in your party (besides children and youth). Any items missing or unreturned will be deducted from your damage deposit.

This is one of the most common misconceptions with boating it seems. The rules for alcohol in boats are exactly the same as it is for cars in Ontario. Therefore, there is absolutely no alcohol allowed on any of our boats. Enforcement from the O.P.P. is very strict on Lake of the Woods, and penalties are severe.

Yes, all of our pontoon boats that have stereos have an aux input. You will need to have a headphone cable to plug in however.

You can now purchase them online here.

Absolutely! We have live minnows, leeches and worms available for purchase, depending on the season. Tall Pines also carries a small variety of jigs, and tackle to get you on the water! Rods not included.

The only way this is possible is on multi-day rentals. If you have a boat for several days or a week, you can use the boat anytime you like. The boat can be parked either at our location or at the place you are staying if there is a suitable dock. You are responsible any damage that may be incurred while in your possession.

Note: If going on the lake during dark, your boat must be equipped with lights – provided by Tall Pines Marina. However, we do suggest you bring a bright flashlight to find buoys.

No, we do not allow our boats to leave Lake of the Woods, however, consideration is made when rentals are over 7 days.

  • Lost Fender: $20.00 and Up
  • Complete Propeller: $300 and up
  • Damaged Skeg: $200 and up
  • Lost Anchor: $50.00 and Up
  • Upholstery (Pierced by Fishing Line): $250.00 and Up
  • Motor Lower Unit: $3000 and up
  • Railing Fence Damage: $1000.00 and Up
  • Pontoon Damage: $500.00 to $4,500.00

Most frequent damage occurs when a client hits a rock on the lake, often damaging the skeg, prop and/or lower unit. Pontoons have also been damaged due to poor docking skills.

Any required repairs will be completed at WSL Sport & Leisure.

No, there is no insurance available. We take a damage deposit for every boat rental, which will be refunded to you after the boat is returned undamaged. Please be aware that you are responsible for all damage to the boat and motor even over and above the held deposit amount.

With this being said, you may be able to check with your credit card provider, and/or home-owner or automobile insurance.

Yes, all of our rental boats begin with a full tank of premium fuel, which must be returned on full (with premium only) – this can be completed upon return at Tall Pines Marina.

Both our Lund Pontoons have a capacity limit for 12 people. The wave runners have a capacity limit for 3 people.

We unfortunately do not offer a guided service at this time. We do offer a shuttle service, however, for weddings and events at the rate of $200 an hour. Event shuttles must be booked in advance and it includes the boat, driver, fuel and any liability coverage. Please contact the marina at (807)-468-5253 for more information and any inquiries.

Yes, absolutely! Our pontoons have Bluetooth capability to ensure you and your friends and family enjoy every second on the water.

You can find Ontario fishing regulations here.

You can apply for a fishing license at Perch Bay Resort or online here

*Note: Tall Pines Marina no longer processes fishing licenses